Purple Cow Cakery started as a passion project for Nicole Contursi in 2018.  Nicole's love of baking began nearly 20 years ago.   Her husband owned a restaurant at the time. It received great reviews for the entrees and mediocre reviews for the desserts.  Nicole began baking desserts for the restaurant on the weekends.  

Eventually, they sold the restaurant.  Nicole continued to work her corporate job while honing her baking and cake decorating skills and techniques in the evenings and on the weekends.  Over time, Nicole developed her own technique, style and ideology on the perfect cake.  Cakes should always delight the eye and taste irresistible. 


Our cakes are made from scratch and by hand.  We only use  entirely organic ingredients.  We never use shortening, oils or anything hydrogenated. 

While many cake decorators rely on fondant for their designs, Nicole prefers Swiss Meringue Buttercream for its luxuriously silky texture, lower fat and sugar content and versatility.  Buttercream is more difficult to work with but the end result is worth every minute.